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Galasa Delivery

Galasa is an open source project and is delivered using a continuous delivery model. There are instructions on installing the Galasa plug-in on this site and you can access the source code in GitHub. Visit our Spectrum channel to ask a question or to start sharing usage and development experiences with other Galasa users and the IBM team. You can open issues in the project management repository in GitHub.

0.8.0 - Release Highlights

  • NEW Improvements in Artifact Manager make streaming text content a single-step process
  • NEW alpha version of a Visual Studio Code Galasa extension - search for Galasa in the extensions marketplace and check the ReadMe for prerequisites (essentially, Java 8 JDK, and only Java 8 JDK, plus a version of Maven that supports Java 8)
  • 3270 Manager bug fixes and updates
  • Message lines in the run log are now shorter
  • Documentation updates - HTTP Client Manager and the z/OS family of Managers
0.7.0 - Release Highlights
  • NEW TSO Command SSH Manager (alpha) - securely issue TSO commands
  • NEW UNIX Command SSH Manager (alpha) - securely issue UNIX commands
  • Selenium manager is now in Beta
  • JMeter manager is now in Beta
  • CICS CECI manager is now in Beta
  • Plus other enhancements and bug fixes

0.6.0 - Release Highlights Release date - 2020-04-01
  • Selenium Manager (alpha) - enabling a test to run Selenium WebDrivers in order to drive Web Browsers during the test.
  • JMeter Manager (alpha) - enabling a JMeter session to run inside a Docker Container.
  • Documentation update - how to start writing your own independent Galasa tests.

0.5.0 - Release Highlights Release date - 2020-03-09
  • z/OS Batch Manager (beta) - enabling tests and Managers to submit, monitor and retrieve z/OS batch jobs.
  • CICS CECI Manager (alpha) - providing CECI 3270 interaction - initially supporting containers and link programs.
  • Ecosystem Manager (alpha) - enabling deployment of an entire Galasa ecosystem to Kubernetes to enable integration testing against Galasa.
  • Docker Manager (release) - enabling containers to run on infrastructure Docker engines - either for testing directly or for assisting the testing process.
  • Documentation update - how to start writing your own Simbank tests.
  • Documentation update - new SimBank z/OS Batch Manager tutorial available.

0.4.0 - Release Highlights Release date - 2020-02-12
  • Docker Manager (beta) - enabling the provisioning of Docker Containers for tests to use.
  • Kubernetes Manager (alpha) - enabling the provisioning of Kubernetes Namespaces.
  • Galasa Ecosystem Manager (alpha) - enabling the provisioning of the entire Galasa Ecosystem in Kubernetes so you can run an integration devops pipeline.
  • Elastic Logger Manager (alpha) - enabling test results to be exported to Elastic Search.
  • Shared Environment (alpha) - enabling Managers to create a testing environment for multiple tests to use.
  • Documentation update - Manager reference pages are available.

0.3.0 - Release Highlights Release date - 2019-12-04
  • Launch of website - providing alpha documentation and installing guide.
  • Galasa:Simbank - implementing a sample banking application against which you can configure and run a set of provided tests.
  • z/OS Manager (beta) - providing tests and Managers with configuration information about z/OS images and Sysplexes.