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To run this test, follow the same steps as for but using the test class name ProvisionedAccountCreditTests instead of SimBankIVT. Don't forget that you need to launch Galasa SimBank before running the test.

This test performs the same function as but has an improved design which includes the use of a provisioned account object, which, once declared as:

@Account(existing=false, accountType=AccountType.HighValue)
public IAccount account;

is used to retrieve the account balance:

BigDecimal userBalance = account.getBalance();

Note how the getBalance() method has been moved into the provisioned account object, decluttering the main test class. This declaration:

public Log logger;

provides access to the log, to which an initial message is written:"Pre-test balance is " + userBalance.toString());

Once again, the amount to be credited is then set and a HashMap prepared with the parameters for the subequent web services call:

BigDecimal amount = BigDecimal.valueOf(500.50);"Will credit account with " + amount.toString());
HashMap<String,Object> parameters = new HashMap<String,Object>();
parameters.put("ACCOUNT_NUMBER", account.getAccountNumber());
parameters.put("AMOUNT", amount.toString());

This time, the account number is obtained by calling account.getAccountNumber() rather than by hardcoding the value.

The sample request is loaded with the prepared parameters, and a note made to the log:

//Load sample request with the given parameters
IBundleResources resources = artifacts.getBundleResources(this.getClass());
InputStream is = resources.retrieveSkeletonFile("/resources/skeletons/testSkel.skel", parameters);
String textContent = resources.streamAsString(is);"Credit actioned");

The XML request is stored in the test results archive:

//Store the xml request in the test results archive
storeOutput("webservice", "request.txt", textContent);

This uses a private method called storeOutput:

private void storeOutput(String folder, String file, String content) throws IOException {
	//Store the xml request in the test results archive
	Path requestPath = artifactRoot.resolve(folder).resolve(file);
			new SetContentType(ResultArchiveStoreContentType.TEXT), 

Then the actual web request is invoked, and the response stored in the test results archive:

//Invoke the web request
client.setURI(new URI(bank.getFullAddress()));
String response = (String) client.postTextAsXML(bank.getUpdateAddress(), textContent, false);

//Store the response in the test results archive
storeOutput("webservice", "response.txt", response);

To complete the test, the final balance is obtained and logged, an assertion checks that the correct amount has been credited and a final note is made to the log:

//Obtain the final balance
BigDecimal newUserBalance = account.getBalance();"Post-test balance is " + newUserBalance.toString());

//Assert that the correct amount has been credited to the account
assertThat(newUserBalance).isEqualTo(userBalance.add(amount));"Balances matched");