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Getting started using the Galasa CLI

There are two options available when downloading Galasa. You can download Galasa from the Galasa CLI repository in GitHub, or you can download the Galasa zipped distribution for sharing with your department. If you do not have access to Maven Central or Docker Hub from your company network, use the Galasa zipped distribution. Otherwise, download the binary file for the Galasa CLI from GitHub. Once you have downloaded and installed Galasa, you can import the configuration into an IDE of your choice.

Prerequisites vary, depending on the option that is chosen. For the purposes of the Galasa documentation, the term online refers to the Galasa binary that is downloaded from the Galasa CLI repository in GitHub, and the term offline refers to Galasa zipped distribution.

The following topics in this section take you through the software requirements for each install option, and explain how to get started with the galasactl tool. You can then find out how to initialise your local environment so that you can start creating, building and running Galasa tests, and viewing the test run output.

Next steps

To learn about the software that you need to install to start using Galasa, see the CLI prerequisites online documentation, or the CLI prerequisites offline documentation, depending on which option you have chosen.

To find out about the architecture of Galasa and some of its key components, take a look at the Galasa architecture documentation.

If you have access to YouTube, you can also watch a video about the The Galasa command line tool, which guides you through the process of setting up and using the tool from start to finish.