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Galasa CLI commands

Galasa CLI commands start with galasactl. Example commands are provided for running on Mac or Unix, and Windows Powershell. The Windows Powershell uses the backtick (`) for line continuation characters. If you are using Windows command-shell, the line continuation character is the caret (^).

You can view the Galasa CLI command syntax, including parameter descriptions, in the cli repository in GitHub.

Getting help

Once you have installed the Galasa CLI, you can use the following command to get more information about the command and command options, including default values.

galasactl --help

Use the --log option to send logging information to a file. Any folder that is referenced must exist. Existing files are overwritten. Specify - to log to stderr. The default is no logging.

galasactl --log <logFilePath>  


You can view a list of error messages that can be generated by the galasactl tool in the Galasa cli repository in GitHub.

Known limitations

Go programs can sometimes struggle to resolve DNS names, especially when a working over a virtual private network (VPN). In such situations, you might notice that a bootstrap file cannot be found with galasactl, but can be found by a desktop browser, or curl command. In such situations you can manually add the host detail to the /etc/hosts file, to avoid DNS being involved in the resolution mechanism.