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Stay up-to-date with all things Galasa with blogs, podcasts and videos from fellow Galasians.

Press release: Open Mainframe Project Welcomes Galasa into its Ecosystem

The Open Mainframe Project, an open-source initiative that enables collaboration across the mainframe community to develop shared tool sets and resources, today welcomed Galasa, a project that offers developers the ability to test applications at scale regardless of platform, into its ecosystem.

Author: Maemalynn Meanor, September 11 2023
Source: Open Mainframe Project

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Blog: Galasa bringing automated test commodity to open source

No enterprise application exists as an island anymore. Find out how Galasa has modernized the test processes that validate the quality of applications with end-to end integration testing that integrates with other open-source tooling.

Author: Will Yates, September 11 2023
Source: Open Mainframe Project

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Blog: What's new in IBM Distribution for Galasa 1.0.2

Will Yates goes into some of the new features that made it into IBM Distribution for Galasa 1.0.2 and how these complement IBM Virtual Test Platform.

Author: Will Yates, March 2022
Source: IBM Developer

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Blog: Goodbye Manual z/OS Scenarios…Hello Galasa!

Find out how the IBM Z and z/OS Platform Evaluation and Test (zPET) team are using Galasa to help them automate their manual scenarios and discover their future plans for Galasa.

Author: Gene Nitka, September 21, 2021
Source: IBM Developer

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Blog: IBM Z Application Continuous Testing using Galasa

A tutorial focusing on using the Galasa framework for automated application testing on IBM Z applications. You will learn how to setup a Galasa Ecosystem, integrate Eclipse and Jenkins with the Ecosystem and run IBM Z application Galasa test cases in the Ecosystem from Eclipse and a Jenkins pipeline.

Author: Anuprakash Moothedath, June 11, 2021
Source: IBM Developer

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Video: Mainframe a La Mode: Galasa - Integration testing for IBM Z and beyond

Galasa's open source automation framework enables mainframe developers to automate their apps for both IBM and hybrid cloud.

Author: Matthew Cousens, & Will Yates, April 9, 2021
Source: IBM Developer

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Redpaper: Integration testing for Hybrid Cloud Applications using Galasa

This paper explains how this testing can be achieved only in an effective and efficient way by autenable such automation. We specifically focus on Galasa. Galasa is an open-source deep integration test framework for hybrid cloud applications that allows teams to automate tests to run as part of a DevOps pipeline.

Author: Michael Baylis and Others, Published March 29, 2021
Source: An IBM Redpaper publication

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Podcast: Using Galasa to streamline CICS testing

Before software goes into production, it needs to be tested, and "It looks good to me" just isn't good enough. To ensure maximum coverage is attained, testing tools and frameworks are the way to go, and in this episode, we hear from Will Yates and Michael Baylis about how the Galasa Project helps them ensure solutions pass all the right tests.

Speakers: Will Yates & Michael Baylis, Jan 25, 2021
Source: A Terminal Talk podcast

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