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Running the supplied SimBank tests

Galasa SimBank comes with a selection of prepared Galasa tests:

  • A basic Installation Verification Test (IVT) logs on to SimBank and examines an account -
  • A test that updates an account using web services and examines the changes with 3270 screens -
  • A test that uses a provisioned account object to perform the same test as above in an improved test design -
  • A test that exercises the z/OS Batch Manager by simulating the submission of a JCL job to add a number of accounts to the SimBank system -

All of these example tests become available when you set up a Galasa example project within Eclipse.

Creating an example Galasa project

NOTE: Normally m2e (the Eclipse Maven plug-in) automatically compiles the test bundles and produces the necessary manifest and OSGi files. However, there appears to be an anomaly in m2e in the 2019 versions of Eclipse which we are investigating. If the bundles fail to build correctly, you can force the Maven build by right-clicking the project and selecting Run As > Maven Install. We will resolve this issue in a future release.

  1. Ensure that Eclipse is running.
  2. Choose File > New > Example, select SimBank example projects and press Next.
  3. Confirm your New project prefix (it's OK to leave it as dev.galasa.simbank) and press Finish. In your Package Explorer (if it's not visible, choose Window > Show View > Package Explorer), two new entries appear:
  1. Right-click on dev.galasa.simbank.manager and choose Run As > Maven install - wait a few moments for the dependencies to load and then right-click on dev.galasa.simbank.tests and do the same. Note that the order in which you do this is significant - first dev.galasa.simbank.manager and then dev.galasa.simbank.tests.
  2. Expand dev.galasa.simbank.tests (assuming you haven't changed your project name) and then - and finally, explore the dev.galasa.simbanks.tests package. You'll see the group of tests provided with SimBank:

SimBank tests

Explore these tests by selecting from the left-hand menu - if you are new to Galasa, The SimBank IVT is the best place to start.