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Deep integration testing for power-seeking testers

Start running repeatable, reliable, automated tests and deliver your software changes faster and with confidence.

Release 0.6.0 of Galasa is now available!


  • Selenium Manager (alpha)
  • JMeter Manager (alpha)
  • Documentation update - Writing your own independent Galasa tests
Install the Galasa Eclipse plug-in today.

Lighten the load with automation

With Galasa you can run reliable, repeatable, scalable, automated integration tests instead of time-consuming manual ones. Use the time saved to focus on designing more complex tests to root out those hard-to-find application defects.

Integrate across systems

Galasa integrates easily into your DevOps strategy and can be used alongside other test tools. Able to access external files and commands, Galasa comes with pluggable support for deep integration with multiple Operating Systems, including z/OS subsystems.

Get the test data you need, fast

Galasa can integrate with your test data strategy by helping you to provision new or existing test data records. Galasa can also lock test data so that many tests can run in parallel against the same test data pool, making it easy to repeat tests under identical conditions for swift debugging.

Fly through test cases

Use Galasa to run large numbers of tests across different environments in parallel - no environment is too complex. You can use an existing environment, or provision an environment specifically for your own use.

Speed up diagnosis

Galasa automatically records test artifacts and stores the results in a single repository - a single place to search all test output. This makes it easy to quickly identify the cause of a failure and run tests locally to assist with debugging.

Environmentally friendly

With Galasa you can run the same test in different test environments without changing a single line of code. Provisioned environments are automatically deprovisioned at test completion, leaving a clean test system state ready for the next tests.