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Galasa Ecosystem Manager

ALPHA - This Manager is being actively developed. It is subject to change and has not been extensively tested.


This Manager provides the test with a fully provisioned Galasa Ecosystem on which to test. When the test starts running the test can be assured that all the services are up and working.

The Galasa Ecosystem Manager supports Galasa Shared Environments. Shared Environments provide the ability to create a test environment that can be shared across multiple test runs so you don't have to provision a test environment for each test.


The Manager only supports the following platforms:
- Kubernetes Namespace

In the near future, this Manager will be able to provision ecosystems in Docker and on a plain Linux server.

You can view the Javadoc documentation for the Manager here.


The following annotations are available with the Galasa Ecosystem Manager

Kubernetes Ecosystem
Annotation: Kubernetes Ecosystem
Name: @KubernetesEcosystem
Description: The @KubernetesEcosystem annotation requests the Galasa Ecosystem Manager to provision a Galasa Ecosystem within a Kubernetes Namespace.
Attribute: ecosystemNamespaceTag The ecosystemNamespaceTag is used to identify the Ecosystem to other Managers or Shared Environments. If a test is using multiple Ecosystems, each separate Ecosystem must have a unique tag. If two Ecosystems use the same tag, they refer to the same Ecosystem.
Attribute: kubernetesNamespaceTag The kubernetesNamespaceTag identifies which tagged Kubernetes Namespace is to be used to deploy the Galasa Ecosystem into.
Attribute: yamlDirectory The yamlDirectory points to a resource directory within the test bundle that contains a set of override yaml files to use when creating the ecosystem. Each file must end with .yaml to be found. If a directory or resource is not provided, the stable yaml files within the Galasa Ecosystem Manager will be used.
Syntax: @KubernetesEcosystem
public IKubernetesEcosystem ecosystem;

public IKubernetesEcosystem ecosystem;
Notes: The IKubernetesEcosystem interface gives the test access to the URLs of the services and API endpoints within the Ecosystem. When the test runs all the services that are required by the test are known to be up and working.

The test must provide a @KubernetesNamespace IKubernetesNamespace annotation, as this is where the Ecosystem is provisioned in. In the future, Docker and Linux will be options.
The Galasa Ecosystem has its own stable versions of the Kubernetes yaml files that are needed to create the entire Ecosystem. If you want to override those and use your own yaml files, then use the yamlDirectory attribute. If a resource is missing in the test's set, then the stable version is used.

Code snippets

Use the following code snippets to help you get started with the Galasa Ecosystem Manager.

Obtain a Kubernetes Namespace
public IKubernetesEcosystem ecosystem;
public IKubernetesNamespace namespace;

This code requests that the Galasa Ecosystem be provisioned in a Kubernetes Namespace. The default tag for both of them is PRIMARY.

Retrieve the RAS Endpoint
public IKubernetesEcosystem ecosystem;

URI ras = ecosystem.getEndpoint(EcosystemEndpoint.RAS);

This snippet demonstrates how to retrieve the Result Archive Store (RAS) endpoint. Be aware, that the URI is prefixed with the store type, e.g. couchdb:http://couchdb.server:5984. This is the same for the CPS, DSS and CREDS.

Set and retrieve a CPS property
ecosystem.setCpsProperty("bob", "hello");

String value = ecosystem.getCpsProperty("bob")

Sets the CPS property bob with the value hello and retrieves it again.

Configuration Properties

The following are properties used to configure the Galasa Ecosystem Manager.

Docker Registry
Property: Docker Registry
Name: galasaecosystem.docker.registry
Description: The registry that contains the Docker images
Required: No
Default value:
Valid values: a valid hostname
Docker Image Version
Property: Docker Image Version
Name: galasaecosystem.docker.version
Description: The versions of the Docker images to be used with the Ecosystem
Required: Yes
Default value: The setting of galasaecosystem.maven.version
Valid values: A valid Docker version literial
Examples: galasaecosystem.docker.version=0.4.0
Kubernetes Ecosystem Tag Shared Environment
Property: Kubernetes Ecosystem Tag Shared Environment
Name: galasaecosystem.ecosystem.tag.XXXXXX.shared.environment
Description: Tells the Galasa Ecosystem Manager which Shared Environment is assigned to an Ecosystem Tag
Required: No
Default value: None
Valid values: A valid Shared Environment
Examples: galasaecosystem.ecosystem.tag.SHARED.shared.environment=M1
Maven Repository URL
Property: Maven Repository URL
Name: galasaecosystem.maven.repository
Description: The location of the Maven Repository all artifacts will be downloaded from
Required: Yes
Default value: None
Valid values: Value URL
Examples: galasaecosystem.maven.repository=
Maven Artifact Version
Property: Maven Artifact Version
Name: galasaecosystem.maven.version
Description: The versions of the Maven artifacts to be used with the Ecosystem
Required: Yes
Default value: None
Valid values: A valid maven version literial
Examples: galasaecosystem.maven.version=0.4.0