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zOS MF Manager

BETA - This Manager is feature complete but may contain known or unknown bugs.


This Manager provides Galasa tests with access to a zOS/MF server. Use the z/OS MF Manager to simplify areas of z/OS system management. The z/OS MF Manager can be called from a test or from other Managers. For example, the z/OS Manager calls the z/OS MF Manager to implement z/OS file, console and batch functions via the relevant interface.


The following annotations are available with the zOS MF Manager

Annotation: z/OS MF
Name: @Zosmf
Description: The @Zosmf annotation requests the z/OSMF Manager to provide a z/OSMF instance associated with a z/OS image. The test can request multiple z/OSMF instances, with the default being associated with the primary zOS image.
Attribute: imageTag The tag of the zOS Image this variable is to be populated with
Syntax: @ZosImage(imageTag="A")
public IZosImage zosImageA;
public IZosmf zosmfA;
Notes: The IZosmf interface has a number of methods to issue requests to the zOSMF REST API. See Zosmf and IZosmf to find out more.

Configuration Properties

The following are properties used to configure the zOS MF Manager.

zOSMF Server port is https
Property: zOSMF Server port is https
Name: zosmf.server.[imageid].https
Description: Use https (SSL) for zOSMF server
Required: No
Default value: True
Valid values: $validValues
Examples: zosmf.server.https=true
zOSMF Image Servers
Property: zOSMF Image Servers
Name: zosmf.image.IMAGEID.servers
Description: The zOSMF servers for use with z/OS Image, the zOS/MF do not need to be running the actual z/OS Image
Required: No
Default value: None
Valid values: Comma separated zOS/MF server IDs
Examples: zosmf.image.MV2C.servers=MFSYSA,MFSYSB
zOSMF Server retry request
Property: zOSMF Server retry request
Name: zosmf.server.[SERVERID].request.retry
Description: The number of times to retry when zOSMF request fails
Required: No
Default value: 3
Valid values: numerical value > 0
Examples: zosmf.server.request.retry=5
zOSMF Server Credentials
Property: zOSMF Server Credentials
Name: zosmf.server.[SERVERID].credentials
Description: The z/OS credentials to use when accessing the zOS/MF server
Required: No
Default value: None, however the zOS/MF Manager will use the default z/OS image credentials
Valid values: Valid credential ID
Examples: zosmf.server.MFSYSA.credentials=ZOS
zOSMF Server Image
Property: zOSMF Server Image
Name: zosmf.server.SERVERID.image
Description: The z/OS image ID this zOS/MF server lives on
Required: No
Default value: The SERVERID value is used as the z/OS image ID
Valid values: z/OS image IDs
Examples: zosmf.server.MFSYSA.image=SYSA
zOSMF Server port
Property: zOSMF Server port
Name: zosmf.server.[serverid].port
Description: The port number of the zOS/MF server
Required: No
Default value: 443
Valid values: A valid IP port number
Examples: zosmf.server.port=443
zOSMF Sysplex Servers
Property: zOSMF Sysplex Servers
Name: zosmf.sysplex.[SYSPLEXID].default.servers
Description: The zOSMF servers active on the supplied sysplex
Required: No
Default value: None
Valid values: Comma separated zOS/MF server IDs
Examples: zosmf.sysplex.default.servers=MFSYSA,MFSYSB