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zOS Console oeconsol Manager

ALPHA - This Manager is being actively developed. It is subject to change and has not been extensively tested.


This Manager is the internal implementation of the z/OS Console Manager using oeconsol. The oeconsol z/OS Console Manager is used in conjunction with the z/OS UNIX Command Manager. The z/OS Manager provides the interface for the z/OS console function and pulls in the oeconsol Console Manager to provide the implementation of the interface. If your test needs to request a z/OS console instance, issue a console command or retrieve the console command, you can call the z/OS Manager in your test code and the z/OS Manager will call the oeconsol Console Manager to provide the implementation via the z/OS console function. Multiple z/OS console images can be requested by a test.

See the zOS Manager for details of the z/OS Console Annotations.

This implementation is less rich than the zOS/MF implementation due to the restricted functionallity of oeconsol:

  • oeconsol does not directly support console name.
    Console name can be used to avoid clashes with other consoles that the user has open, e.g. in another Galsa test, in a TSO or SDSF session. When supplying console name via IZosConsole#issueCommand(String command, String consoleName) the Manager attempts to obtain credentials from the CPS, i.e. secure.credentials.[consoleName].username. The credentials are used to logon to z/OS UNIX and execute oeconsol with the supplied command.
  • oeconsol does not support retrieving delayed responses.
    A ZosConsoleException is will be thrown when the IZosConsoleCommand#requestResponse() method is called.

See oeconsol for documentation and download

Configuration Properties

The following are properties used to configure the zOS Console oeconsol Manager.

The oeconsol path
Property: The oeconsol path
Name: zosconsole.oeconsole.[imageid].command.path
Description: The path to the oeconsol command
Required: No
Default value: oeconsol
Valid values: $validValues
Examples: zosconsole.oeconsole.command.path=oeconsol
zosconsole.MFSYSA.oeconsol.command.path=/tools/oeconsol where /tools/oeconsol is the locations of the oeconsol executable