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z/OS Batch RSE API Manager

ALPHA - This Manager is being actively developed. It is subject to change and has not been extensively tested.


This Manager is an internal implementation of the z/OS Batch Manager using RSE API. The RSE API Batch Manager is used in conjunction with the z/OS Manager. The z/OS Manager provides the interface for the z/OS batch function and pulls in the RSE API Batch Manager to provide the implementation of the interface. If your test needs to submit or monitor a batch job or retrieve output from a batch job, you can call the z/OS Manager in your test code and the z/OS Manager will call the RSE API Batch Manager to provide the implementation via the z/OS batch function. For example, the BatchAccountsOpenTest uses the z/OS Manager (which in the background, invokes RSE API) to add a set of accounts to the Galasa SimBank system via a z/OS batch job.

The zOS Batch RSE API Manager is enabled by setting the CPS property: zos.bundle.extra.batch.manager=dev.galasa.zosbatch.rseapi.manager

See the zOS Manager for details of the z/OS Batch annotations and code snippets.