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VTP Manager



Create an automated integration test in Galasa and use the VTP Manager to transparently record the interactions between the test and your CICS programs. Play back the recorded file by using IBM Z Virtual Test Platform (ZVTP). Playing back the recording in ZVTP means that you can test a change to your application code without running the test inside CICS. Run the recorded tests as part of your regression testing strategy before and after code changes to detect any anomalies.

The VTP Manager can configure ZVTP by using CICS transactions to start and stop recording on a CICS region. After all recordings are complete, the VTP recording is exported as a sequence of flat files to the specified HLQ.

Recordings are saved in the format <HLQ_FROM_CPS>.<RUNID>.R<number> where number is the number of the recorded test method. For example CTS.JBLOGGS.VTP.R1234.R1.

The RAS is updated with a file that details the recordings that were made. For example:

Method: test1 exported as: CTS.JBLOGGS.VTP.L877.R1
Method: test2 exported as: CTS.JBLOGGS.VTP.L877.R2


IBM Virtual Test Platform must be installed and configured in the target CICS region.

To use the VTP Manager, VTP recording must be enabled and the test class must contain @CicsRegion annotations. A high-level qualifier (HLQ) must be defined in the CPS in order to write the recording.

To enable VTP recording, set vtp.recording.enable to true in the CPS properties file.

If VTP recording is enabled but no fields annotated with @CICSRegion are contained in the test class, the following message is returned VTP Recording enabled but test class contains no CICS TS fields - recording will not be attempted.

CPS properties

The following properties are used to configure the VTP Manager.

VTP Playback HLQ CPS Property
Property: VTP Playback HLQ CPS Property
Name: vtp.playback.hlq
Description: The HLQ that is used to create VTP recording files
Required: Yes
Default value: None
Valid values: VTP.RECORD
Examples: vtp.playback.hlq=VTP.RECORD
VTP CICS Transactions CPS Property
Property: VTP CICS Transactions CPS Property
Name: vtp.cics.[instanceid].transactions
Description: A list of transactions to record in this CICS region
Required: No
Default value: None
Valid values: trx1,trx2
Examples: vtp.cics.PRIMARY.transactions=TSQT,TSQD
Enable VTP Recording CPS Property
Property: Enable VTP Recording CPS Property
Name: vtp.recording.enable
Description: Should the VTP Manager be activated for this run
Required: No
Default value: false
Valid values: true, false
Examples: vtp.recording.enable=true