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ElasticLog Manager

ALPHA - This Manager is being actively developed. It is subject to change and has not been extensively tested. It is available for Galasa administrators to utilise to experiment with Elasticsearch and Kibana dashboards


This Manager exports test results to an elastic search endpoint, where the data can be visualized on a Kibana dashboard. Other Managers can contribute to the information that is exported to Elastic.

As an absolute minimum, the CPS properties
must be provided. By default, this Manager only logs automated tests. To enable logging from locally run tests, must be set to true.
The bundle must also be loaded by the framework by using

This Manager provides two ElasticSearch indexes; one of all test data, and one of the latest run for each test case and each test environment.


The Manager logs the following test information:

- testCase
- runId
- startTimestamp
- endTimestamp
- requestor
- result
- testTooling
- testType
- testingEnvironment
- productRelease
- buildLevel
- customBuild
- testingAreas
- tags

If additional testing information is required, please raise a GitHub issue.

You can view the Javadoc documentation for the Manager here.

Configuration Properties

The following are properties used to configure the ElasticLog Manager.

ElasticLog Endpoint Address CPS Property
Property: ElasticLog Endpoint Address CPS Property
Name: elastic.endpoint.address
Description: Provides an address to send elastic requests to
Required: Yes
Default value: $default
Valid values: Any valid URI string
Examples: elastic.endpoint.address=
ElasticLog Endpoint Index CPS Property
Property: ElasticLog Endpoint Index CPS Property
Name: elastic.endpoint.index
Description: Provides the index in elasticsearch to which requests are directed
Required: Yes
Default value: $default
Valid values: Any lowercase, single-word string
Examples: elastic.endpoint.index=galasa

If the index does not exist, the index is created and is mapped to the Galasa run.
If the index exists, it must be mapped to the relevant Galasa run.

ElasticLog Endpoint Local Run CPS Property
Property: ElasticLog Endpoint Local Run CPS Property
Description: Activates the ElasticLog Manager for local runs
Required: Yes
Default value: false
Valid values: true, false

ElasticLog Manager will not run automatically for a local run.
By setting this property to true, the manager will activate locally.